Join our Special Workshop: 

 LP360 Workflow Production Made Easier

 Wednesday, February 15th, 9am – Noon.
Room 705 Colorado Convention Center 

Join us in Room 705 of the Colorado Convention Center on February 15th, from 9am – Noon. In this workshop, we will explore the best practices for using LP360 to process, analyze, and maximize data, producing valuable information and deliverables. We’ll show you how you can use LP360 to get the most from your data by using the software to:

  • Importing project into LP360
  • Working with Point Cloud tasks
  • Accuracy Assessment. Debias and Deal with Noise
  • Data Smoothing
  • Automatic Ground Classification
  • Ground Cleanup and manual Editing Tools
  • Using the Export Wizard to get final products

We Look Forward to Seeing you at Geo Week!

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