Do you have questions about making drones a part of your work? Now’s the time to ask as Microdrones is set to host an Ask Me Anything webinar.

What do you want to know about surveying with drones?

Join us on Thursday, April 9 to receive your answers. We will be hosting the webinar at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 6pm, or 9pm to make it convenient for you..

Samuel Flick

Samuel Flick has been Microdrones' European sales manager since October 2015. His focus is on central and southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. Before joining Microdrones, Samuel was an independent sales partner for many years

Matt Rosenbaum

Matt Rosenbalm is the Microdrones Sales Manager for the Southern United States and has extensive experience in the geomatics and construction markets, specifically in drone sales and operations.

Today Matt is instrumental in growing the adoption and implementation of drones for surveying and mapping. He makes difficult concepts easy to understand for distributors and end users across markets and geographies.