"Simplified Data Processing with Drone LiDAR“

During this webinar we will look at how using drone-based LiDAR can improve workflows, collect better data and increase efficiency and profitability.

Microdrones, is a provider of integrated unmanned aerial solutions. The company offers UAV lidar and photogrammetry based mapping, surveying and inspection packages, such as the mdLiDAR3000, that allow companies to collect data efficiently and safely while cutting costs, saving time, and converting data into useful information. This captured information (the raw lidar data, the direct georeferencing data, and the base station data) is imported into mdLiDAR processing software and to POSPac UAV, software from Applanix specifically developed for its DG technology. Using these two software programs, the user can seamlessly process the data to create a georeferenced point cloud, a 15 to 20-minute process. It’s much quicker than photogrammetry to actually be able to start manipulating your point cloud using any visualization software.